DC 500

DC 500

Conching Equipment

The DC 500 dry conche is designed for mixing, homogenizing and conching chocolate before grinding and with a minimum fat percentage in the product. During the conching process, the DC 500 removes undesirable volatiles and moisture from the product to develop the desired specific characteristics of the chocolate such as taste, aroma, viscosity, etc.

The DC 500 can work with a fat percentage starting from 22-25% and can be integrated with the grinding installation type CHOCOCON 150/250.  

The batch capacity of the DC 500 is 500 kg and the average conche time is up to 4 hours, depending on the recipe and the desired result.

Basic specifications

Capacity: 500 kg (depending on the desired characteristics of the product)
Conche time: up to 4-5 hours
Installed power: 7.5 kW
Weight: 800 kg
Dimensions (LxWxH): 1500 x 1250 x 1650 mm


Constant product quality

Low maintenance costs

Low energy consumption

Minimum wear

Limited floor space, no foundation required

what can the DC 500 make?


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