The most compact conche in our range is the CWC 5. This installation is ideal for conching small batches of chocolate, compounds, bread spreads, and coatings.

This solid and efficient conche is particularly suitable for laboratories. Many of our global customers use our CWC 5 to test and optimize the taste of their products in small batches before production is started on a large scale. In this way, a small test laboratory can be developed on site. See also our other laboratory options.

The batch capacity of the CWC 5 is 5 kg, and the conching capacity depends on the moisture content and the desired flavour increase of the chocolate mass. Evaporation of volatile acids and moisture in the chocolate is achieved simultaneously. The application of shear stress into the mass decreases the viscosity. The yield value is enhanced and the moisture content reduced down to 0.9% and in some cases even to 0.7% humidity.

Basic specifications

Capacity: 5 kg/h
Installed power: 0.7 kW
Weight: 70 kg
Dimensions (LxWxH): 600 x 550 x 735 mm


Constant product quality

Low maintenance costs

Low energy consumption

Minimum wear

Good moisture reduction

Better yield value

Easy cleaning

Limited floor space, no foundation required


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