The CAO B3000-CHOC is a PLC-based production line consisting of a CAO C3000 ball mill and a mixing/dosing unit Mini Mix. The CAO B3000-CHOC is specially designed for the batch weighing, mixing, grinding, and conching of chocolate, creams, bread spreads and fat-based compounds in automatic mode.

The batch capacity of the CAO B3000-CHOC is 500 kg and the time to obtain an end fineness of 22-25 microns is around 50 minutes when crystal sugar is used as an ingredient, which gives it an effective hourly capacity of up to 600 kg/hour. When powdered sugar is used instead of crystal sugar, the grinding time is shortened.

The CAO B3000-CHOC can be supplied with our automatic feeding systems, such as feeding screws, fat dosing units, lecithin dosing, vanillin and aroma dosing, etc.

Basic specifications

Capacity: 600 kg/h (crystal sugar)
Installed power: 85 kW
Weight: 6,300 kg
Dimensions (LxWxH): 4300 x 4000 x 3300 mm (with operation/ service area and control panel)


Constant product quality

Low maintenance costs

Low energy consumption

Minimum wear

Low heat development

Limited floor space, no foundation required

what can the CAO B3000-CHOC make?


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