Caotech: service

Spare Parts

Spare parts for grinding equipment such as pin mills, beater blade mills and ball mills for example pins, beater blades, screens, grinding tanks, grinding shafts and grinding balls. These parts are more durable and adjusted to today’s sanitation regulations in the food industry and divers in this respect from the original parts. Parts are kept in stock for immediate supply other parts can be delivered within 2 weeks.


Overhauling of existing grinding equipment such as ball mills, in order to meet today’s regulations and requirements in the food processing industry. We are capable to rebuilt your equipment to these standards, after analysing type of machine we can make you an offer which suits the above mentioned standards with one most interesting feature; increasing of quality and even double capacities.

Customer support

Our experienced specialists develop new production methods, recipes at site and are able to train your operators during the installation and commissioning of the installation at site.


Our experienced engineering staff completes turnkey projects in accordance with requirements and specification of the clients.


Complete custom-made automation of existing and new process equipment.