Process equipment for cocoa & chocolate


The beater blade mill, type PG 6000, is specially developed for the continuous pre-grinding of high fat content seeds and nuts e. g. cocoa nibs and/or hazelnuts.

This beater blade mill, a high speed design, has a unique configuration between beater blades, milling chamber and slotted sieve giving optimum continuous pre-grinding.

The combination of high speed and impact between the beater blades and seeds/nuts breaks the product. The fat released from the fibres of the product liquefies the product, and the resultant mass leaves the milling chamber through the slotted sieve with the required particle size into the receptacle of the unit.

The end fineness of the finished product is determined by the gap size of the sieve through which the mass flows through by gravity to outlet of the mill. The liquor can be discharged from the unit by means of a discharge pump.

The maximum capacity of the mill is 6.000 kg/h, depending upon the type and pre-treatment of the seeds and nuts, as well as the required end product fineness. During the grinding process the moisture content of the product will be reduced.

PG 3000 – 4.000 kg/h
PG 1500 – 2.000 kg/h

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