Process equipment for cocoa & chocolate


The conche, type CWC 5, is specially designed for the conching of small batches of chocolate, coatings, compounds and bread spreads in lab scale sizes.

This CWC 5 laboratory conche, consists of a special jacketed stainless steel bowl with a horizontal stirrer. The stirrer has a variable speed for optimal conching effect. The conching process is achieved using an efficient combination of shear stress and air circulation/extraction.

Evaporation of volatile acids and moisture in the chocolate is achieved simultaneously. The application of shear stress into the mass decreases the viscosity. The yield value is enhanced and the moisture content reduced down to 0.9% and in some cases even to 0.7% humidity.

At the end of the process the mass is discharged by gravity via a 2-way valve for further processing.

The batch capacity of the CWC 5 is 5 kg, but the conching capacity is dependent on moisture content and desired flavour increase of the chocolate mass.

These features result in:

  • No foundations, limited floor space
  • Efficient energy use
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Constant product quality
  • Small batches
  • Easy cleaning
  • Good moisture reduction
  • Better yield value
  • No experienced manpower required
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