Process equipment for cocoa & chocolate


The machine type CAO CM-18 is especially designed for the continuous pre-grinding of high fat content roasted seeds and nuts.

This pre-grinder consists consisting of a conical 3-stage grinding chamber resulting in an optimum use of the grinding efficiency. From inlet to outlet the gap velocity speed increases, with the same circumferential rotor speed.
A good dispersing performance means the CAO CM-18 can be used for a continuous process, resulting in an optimum particle size distribution of refined particles in one single pass.

The unique configuration of the rotor and stator means the machine has extremely low maintenance costs.

The pre-refined mass is leaving the machine via an accelerator plate by gravity.

A hopper for feeding the roasted seeds & nuts into the CAO CM-18 is an option.

These features result in:

  • Limited floor space
  • Low energy consumption
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Constant product quality
  • Good particle size distribution

The capacity of this installation is approx. 400 - 500 kg/h at an end-fineness of approx. 120 micron.

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