Process equipment for cocoa & chocolate


The CAO C3000 can be combined with a  refiner conche (McIntyre 3000) and circulation system, which offers the following features:

The ball mill, a low speed agitated type, developed for heat sensitive masses has a unique configuration between grinding shaft, grinding tank and grinding media, giving an optimum use of the grinding efficiency. A removable water-cooled-grinding shaft, fitted with interchangeable agitator arms manufactured of hardened, wear resistant alloy steel, allows you to produce heat sensitive masses.

Connecting the CAO C3000 to the existing refiner conche (McIntyre 3000) will give three times the output, a fine well conched chocolate/compound with a fineness of 22-25  micron within 6 hours processing time. The fineness is measured with a digital hand micrometer, diluting mass and oil fifty / fifty% rotating micrometer 3 clicks if end has been reached.

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