CAO B3000

The installation, type CAO B3000, is specially designed for the mixing and batch wise fine grinding of chocolate, compounds, coatings and bread spreads.

The line consists of a ball mill named CAO C3000, plus a pre-mixer PM-500H.

The ball mills are low speed agitated types, developed for heat and wear sensitive masses. It’s a unique configuration between grinding shaft, grinding tank and grinding media. This leads to an optimal use of the grinding efficiency.

The CAO B3000 can be extended with a 1000 conche tank and a wet conche unit CWC1000 in order to further improve the quality of real chocolate.

The line will be completed with grinding media of steel balls and a control cabinet.

The batch capacity of the CAO B3000 is 500 kg and the grinding time will be some 55 minutes if granulated sugar is used as an ingredient. When powdered sugar is used the total grinding time can be reduced considerably.

These features result in:

  • Precise management of product temperature
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Constant product quality
  • Good particle size distribution
  • Minimal manpower required
  • End-fineness can be up to 18 microns 

The CAO B3000 can be supplied with our automatic feeding system, such as feeding screws, lecithin dosing, etc.

Line consisting of:

  • 1 Ball mill CAO C3000 incl. pump
  • 1 Premixer PM-500H
  • 1 1000L conche tank (+cables)
  • 1 Wet conche unit CWC1000
  • 1 Control cabinet